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Data-Driven AI Voiceover
Automated Background Replacement
Auto Trader Stock Integration
Fast & Easy-to-Use Capture App


  • Professional quality without photographic booth
  • Easy-to-use app with touchscreen operation
  • Automatically uploads images and videos to Auto Trader
  • AI voiceover highlights key features of any vehicle
  • Can be used both inside and outside premises
  • Automated background replacement on busy forecourt
  • Simple pay-as-you-go billing
  • Superb value from as little as £1.90 per vehicle

“As long-standing partners, we at Frosts continue to benefit from the innovation of the UKT360 team. We were delighted to be able to get an early look at AIVO360, their latest product offering, which promises to be a game-changer for many within the motor industry. The app is really easy to use and creates a professional end product with brilliant use of AI technology as the voiceover gives each vehicle and video a personal touch.”


More information

AIVO360 is an exciting new addition to the product line-up at UKT360, winner of Motor Trader’s IT Innovation of the Year for 2022.

Watch the video above and read the FAQs below to learn more.

What is AIVO360?

AIVO360 is a handheld app that is capable of creating a professional, AI-automated, data-driven voiceover video for any vehicle you have advertised on Auto Trader.

What do I need in order to use the app?

AIVO360 has been designed around the iPad mini while also working on other versions of the iPad. This makes the camera affordable and the unit not too big while ensuring a comfortable on-screen interaction when it comes to pressing the few buttons that are needed to create your video.

The AIVO360 app is not currently compatible with iPhones.

How does AIVO360 work?

Once the app has been downloaded to your iPad and you have specified how you would like your videos personalised with your corporate logo overlay, Auto Trader will activate your account from their end to enable us to automatically feed your videos to the relevant adverts. This activation will result in the AIVO360 app on your iPad being populated with all your advertised stock.

You can then select a vehicle to be photographed and, following on-screen guidance, proceed to take a total of 24 shots of the vehicle – eight exterior, eight interior and eight feature shots. Once completed and the instruction to create the video is given, the images are automatically transferred to our cloud platform in order for the video to be created.

A minute or so later, your video will be fed to the relevant Auto Trader advert complete with AI voiceover, corporate logo – uploaded to the portal in advance – and automated background replacement.

What are the costs involved?

The AIVO360 app is downloaded to you via our help desk. Once we have all of your billing details and payment has been taken for a credit of 50 vehicles, we will ask for your Auto Trader client ID and any corporate logo requirements. The price of 50 credits is £95.00 plus VAT.

This is a monthly pay-as-you-go agreement; there is no contract.

Who owns the photos?

All images are owned by you, the client. These are stored in the cloud on the AIVO360 platform and are automatically added to your Auto Trader ads. Videos can also be downloaded to your device for sharing with customers or on social media.

Can videos be uploaded to Click Dealer and YouTube, as well as Auto Trader?

Videos can be integrated with Click Dealer.

The feed cannot be automatically uploaded to YouTube, but it is possible to download videos to your iPad and then upload.

I’ve signed up… what next?

After following the link above to create an AIVO360 account and selecting your chosen plan, your Auto Trader DID will need to be activated if you intend to populate the app with stock from your Auto Trader account. This is a manual process that must be performed by Auto Trader and can take up to two business days.

In the meantime, you can complete your profile and settings, including the background replacement and voiceover script template. You can also use the app in local mode to try a few vehicles out. Local mode can continue to be used for stock unrelated to your Auto Trader account.

Once your Auto Trader DID is activated, you are ready to go.

Please read UKT360’s AIVO360 terms of service, including the refund policy.


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