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Photographic Studio Booths

Eight fixed external images
Unlimited handheld images
Automated rotation
Automated image cropping


  • High-quality, consistent images
  • Not affected by time of day or season
  • Controlled lighting levels
  • Quicker to market vehicles
  • Booth operative does not need to be pro photographer

“UKT360 has enabled Available Car to deliver a far greater digital experience for our customers, generating amazing images that are consistent on over 4,000 cars for sale at any one time. While giving greater consumer confidence in the purchase, UKT360 has also enabled us to increase the productivity of our preparation centres, helping us to process our cars faster through photography, bringing down our average days to prepare.”

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Given a blank canvas, these are the key elements to consider when creating your car dealership photo booth:

  1. Aim to enclose the turntable in order to isolate the vehicle from unsightly reflections in the paintwork of objects in the immediate area.
  2. Try to create a black hole so the light level is consistent – and not influenced by light pollution from skylights and windows – whenever the lights are switched on.
  3. Light the vehicle from the front and sides predominantly, with the option of some accent lighting behind the vehicle. DO NOT light from above, particularly with light batons, as this will reflect across the roof and windscreen.
  4. Aim to achieve a distance of at least 6.3 metres from the centre of the turntable to the fixed camera position.

These are basic points, but do not undervalue their importance if you are serious about your booth photography.

Our Photographic Studio Booths are typically included only in Option 3 and Option 4.

Product Features Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Radio controlled operation

Adjustable bi-directional speed of rotation

Adjustable rate of acceleration and deceleration providing “soft-start” and “soft-stop”

Programmable up to 15 pre-set positions anywhere between 0 and 360 degrees, including a full 360 rotation for video  

Programmable speed and direction of rotation  

Home position button  

Canon M6 Mk II camera (fixed)    

Canon M50 camera (handheld)    

Theta SC2 360 camera (internal)      

Windows 10 computer    

Automatically crops eight pre-set external and 25 handheld images    

Automatically crops 72 pre-set 4K external and 25 handheld images      

Software for communicating with the cameras and generating HD still and internal handheld shots    

Software for communication with external and internal 360      

Corporate logo – graphic overlay on all images (no-cost option)    

Corporate logo watermarking on all images (no-cost option)      

Compatible for video audio backing track (no-cost option)    

Two-sequence external 360 – doors, bonnet, boot open/closed (optional)      

Constant rotation during external 360 image capture (reducing image capture time by 30 per cent)      

Storage and display of all images via a 360 player on your website      

Pinch, zoom and pan facility      

Slideshow image gallery      

360 player custom branding      

Remote IT support via Team Viewer      

24 months warranty against manufacturing defects from date of invoice

UKT360’s latest product AIVO360 offers an alternative solution with AI-powered video, complete with voiceover and background replacement.


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