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Virtual Showroom

External/internal interactive 360
Pan and zoom
Automated image transfer
Automated logo overlay


  • High-quality, consistent, interactive images
  • Allows customers to view stock in a new, exciting way
  • Increases potential desire to buy
  • Browse dealer360™ player on computer, tablet or phone
  • Personalised dealer360™ player sets you apart

At, we feel that it’s important to showcase our vehicles to the utmost highest standard, capturing all angles inside and out. We want to put confidence in our customers when they are choosing to buy their next car or van with us and using UKT360 we know what we can achieve this goal.


More information

Why opt for 360 car photography over video?

There is no denying that video footage is great for watching action, seeing a turntable in motion and getting a view of the product that cannot be appreciated with still images.

However, there are also several drawbacks to using video.

  • For inanimate objects, there is no benefit to watching a video over simply viewing images.
  • Compared to still images, videos use a lot of bandwidth, too, while sometimes offering little more than a series of pictures would. This can make videos slow to load on a website, and for potential customers visiting a mobile site, it requires a willingness to use data in downloading the footage.
  • Should something be missed on a first view, scrolling back through a video is not quite as straightforward as with 360 car photography, often requiring a second watch.

Our dealer360™ player works in all the ways that a video does not, making user engagement an attractive proposition.

  • The images can be panned and zoomed, while the click and drag rotation provides the ability to manipulate the object. A potential customer may choose to focus on aspects of the images that a video simply would not know to highlight.
  • This increased engagement and interaction keeps users on the page for longer and increases confidence in the accuracy of the listing as 360 car photography improves transparency.
  • The facility of displaying an internal 360 image gives a potential customer the chance to get a driver’s eye view from inside the car. They can effectively walk around the vehicle and look over the interior as if they were in the showroom.

Our Virtual Showrooms are included only in Option 4.

Product Features Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Radio controlled operation

Adjustable bi-directional speed of rotation

Adjustable rate of acceleration and deceleration providing “soft-start” and “soft-stop”

Programmable up to 15 pre-set positions anywhere between 0 and 360 degrees, including a full 360 rotation for video  

Programmable speed and direction of rotation  

Home position button  

Canon M6 Mk II camera (fixed)    

Canon M50 camera (handheld)    

Theta SC2 360 camera (internal)      

Windows 10 computer    

Automatically crops eight pre-set external and 25 handheld images    

Automatically crops 72 pre-set 4K external and 25 handheld images      

Software for communicating with the cameras and generating HD still and internal handheld shots    

Software for communication with external and internal 360      

Corporate logo – graphic overlay on all images (no-cost option)    

Corporate logo watermarking on all images (no-cost option)      

Compatible for video audio backing track (no-cost option)    

Two-sequence external 360 – doors, bonnet, boot open/closed (optional)      

Constant rotation during external 360 image capture (reducing image capture time by 30 per cent)      

Storage and display of all images via a 360 player on your website      

Pinch, zoom and pan facility      

Slideshow image gallery      

360 player custom branding      

Remote IT support via Team Viewer      

24 months warranty against manufacturing defects from date of invoice



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