The UKT360 Group designs, manufactures & supplies turntable solutions.

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Car Showroom Turntables

Soft-start, soft-stop
Variable speed


  • Consistent, professional photography
  • Less than 15 minutes from valeting to publishing images
  • Recoup your investment in as little as 12 months
  • Various finance options available
  • Tailored solutions to match your space and budget

Cox Automotive and UKT360 have been strategic partners for the past four years. During this time, UKT360 have installed 24 turntables with their 360 photographic software across our UK sites. More than 8.5 million images later, we remain delighted with the product reliability and UKT360’s ongoing support.


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In this digital age, it has never been more important to match the high standards set by your competition. With alternative traders just a click away, a smart, smooth online showroom, with clear imagery, is an essential for your dealership.

A Premium Car Turntable from UKT360 is a great place to start.

The quality of the photography is to an impeccable standard. With a Premium Car Turntable used for all stock, there will be consistency throughout all imagery. In an unchanging string of superb photographs, each image will match up to your brand’s standards.

This applies for videos, too. Far more reliable than a shaky, handheld camera, the videography here is stable. Your customers will not suffer any seasickness as they aim to get a closer look at your latest stock on a Premium Car Turntable.

There should be no excuse for poor, unprofessional photographs or blurry, rickety videos when a Premium Car Turntable provides all the solutions.

Our Premium Car Turntables are included in each of our four product options.

Product Features Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Radio controlled operation

Adjustable bi-directional speed of rotation

Adjustable rate of acceleration and deceleration providing “soft-start” and “soft-stop”

Programmable up to 15 pre-set positions anywhere between 0 and 360 degrees, including a full 360 rotation for video  

Programmable speed and direction of rotation  

Home position button  

Canon M6 Mk II camera (fixed)    

Canon 800D SLR camera (handheld)    

Theta SC 360 camera (internal)      

Windows 10 computer    

Automatically crops eight pre-set external and 25 handheld images    

Automatically crops 72 pre-set 4K external and 25 handheld images      

Software for communicating with the cameras and generating HD still and internal handheld shots    

Software for communication with external and internal 360      

Corporate logo – graphic overlay on all images (no-cost option)    

Corporate logo watermarking on all images (no-cost option)      

Compatible for video audio backing track (no-cost option)    

Two-sequence external 360 – doors, bonnet, boot open/closed (optional)      

Constant rotation during external 360 image capture (reducing image capture time by 30 per cent)      

Storage and display of all images via a 360 player on your website      

Pinch, zoom and pan facility      

Slideshow image gallery      

360 player custom branding      

Remote IT support via Team Viewer      

24 months warranty against manufacturing defects from date of invoice


Finishes & Options


The aesthetics of an online virtual car showroom are hugely important in creating the right atmosphere to put a potential customer at ease. So too is the need to have a floor that will enhance the photography of the cars while being robust enough to cope with constant turntable traffic.

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In many dealerships, space is at a premium and so an internal area for used car photography is not always feasible. However, an external turntable can double up both as a tool for capturing consistent images and as a rotating car display turntable.

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This time-lapse video footage was taken during our installation of Carbase’s second fully interactive 360 car photography booth.

“At Carbase, we strive to provide a market-leading digital experience for our customers. This focus has allowed us to thrive and grow in recent years, earning awards in digital customer excellence and innovation. I believe a large part of our success comes from our website’s superb interactive 360 vehicle imagery. We love working with UKT360; they are always easy to deal with and really know their stuff.”


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